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  • Bond boat
  • Bourne 1
  • Fast and Furious
  • American Assasin
  • Avengers 1
  • Avengers 2
  • Bourne 2
  • Casino Royal
  • Green Zone
  • Pinewood underwater
  • Storm fast car


Having worked globally for nearly two decades on Hollywood's biggest budget productions gives us access to award-winning Taurus, SAG-AFTRA and Equity highly acclaimed professional Stunt coordinators, fight arrangers and stunt performers worldwide.

Collaborating closely with Directors, Second Unit Directors, VSFX and all other HOD'S to develop your vision, your ideas, enabling us to create the most exhilarating and heart pumping adrenaline packed action-sequences with maximum impact for your projects.

Working with numinous Hollywood A List actors, we are highly experienced in training actors to be picture ready, whether it be fighting like Jason Bourne, handling weapons like Bond, or a fast and furious car chase and looking as if they've been doing it all their life.

We understand how to guide them through the process to achieve the most realistic and physical performance in a safe and controlled manner for your project.

In the world of stunts and action, it starts with a vision, which sparks creativity and in turn, fuels the action.